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Our IT Services

CRT Network Solutions is a reputable IT support provider for Brisbane businesses. We pride ourselves on providing fast responses to IT support enquiries. We know all the ins and outs of providing IT support for networks, servers, workstations, and printers. Our experts can configure reliable backups for your server or network environment, and we know how to optimise your network, server, workstations, and Antivirus software for speed and efficiency.

Our staff is friendly and honest and will check with you to make sure that all problems have been resolved before we leave. We always make sure to put fault-tolerant infrastructures in place that help us to continue operating even if something goes wrong. Discuss your IT support requirements for your Brisbane business with an IT company that you can rely on for quality service and support. Get in touch with us - at CRT Network Solutions, we are always happy to help!

Office 365 setup

Managed IT Solutions

CRT Network Solutions has been a managed IT services provider for small and medium-sized businesses since 2006.

Server & Network Services

Looking for business network solutions or to upgrade an exsisting system to a newer, advanced solution? Chat to us!

Managed IT Support for Businesses

Migration & Data

Cloud migration doesn’t need to be difficult. We can help ensure a simple, seamless and secure migration solution.
IT Support Brisbane

Cyber Security

Keep your business data safe & secure. Let’s provide you with a routine IT security audit & risk assessment.

Open Dental Support

Cloud Services

Get the right advice for your Cloud Service needs. Let us assist you in migrating your business into Cloud Computing.

Cloud Phone Systems

VOIP & PBX Systems

Are you looking for a Business Phone System? We can assist with installation and management for your business.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Office 365 Support

Do you need Microsoft 365 setup or migration services for your business? We provide onsite & remote 365 support services.

Network & Peripheral Management

Network security is at the core of all of our services. We ensure that all computer systems are managed and maintained in a secure way. This includes network peripherals such as printers, scanners, routers and wireless access points.

Business Server Management

Servers play a crucial role in your business’ IT infrastructure. When a server develops an issue, it can potentially tarnish your productivity, as well as pose a security risk to your IT infrastructure. We play great importance on server care.

Hardware & Software Management

The ability of your staff to operate at their full potential can be limited by outdated or under-performing hardware and software. Outdated software can also pose a security risk to your network. We ensure your facilities are up to date and working optimally.

Firewalls & Security Management

Utilising IT components makes security facilities like firewalls a necessity. Security measures like firewalls can also help with managing network traffic. Proper IT security requires adequate management to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure.

The Trusted Experts in Brisbane IT Support

Comprehensive and Proactive
IT Support Services

We implement proactive steps to protect your company from the possibility of a business interruption.
Compliance & IT service support intended to maintain the effective operation of critical business functions

What Our Clients Say

Benefits of CRT Network Solutions
IT Support Services

Cloud Phone Systems

24/7 Priority
Server Support

We are experts in Microsoft server support, network support, and supporting workstations. We are familiar with a wide range of softwares to do with various industries such as Accounting, Legal Firms, Medical IT and general business.
Professional Partners

User & Device Management ​

Providing ongoing support and maintenance, for a fixed monthly fee, its aim is to take the pressure off businesses by managing their day-to-day IT needs, ensuring systems are always operating at peak efficiency.
Computer Support Brisbane

Monitoring & Maintenance

We take responsibility and are highly accountable for your IT network and IT support services. We can manage servers, desktops, software, networks and IT security for small to medium-sized businesses.
Cloud Phone Systems

Backups & Disaster Recovery ​

We identify underperforming IT infrastructure within your company and solve common issues such as overloaded servers, old hardware, insecure firewalls which can all lead to an IT disaster.

IT Support Brisbane

Proactive Approach to IT Support

We understand the importance of the IT infrastructure to your Brisbane business and know that it is sometimes one of the biggest expenses a business can have. Most businesses are becoming more and more reliant on their IT systems, networks, and infrastructure, and require these facilities in almost every aspect of their day-to-day runnings, making your IT infrastructure a valuable investment to protect. 

As a professional IT support company, CRT Network Solutions has been an IT support provider for small and medium-sized Brisbane businesses for over 15 years. We believe that outsourcing your IT support is the best option for most businesses because outsourcing your IT helps maximise the results you obtain from your IT software and hardware while using the expert and professional support services of a reputable IT company. 

Our IT support offering caters to a variety of business types and sizes. We also offer a range of IT services, such as network monitoring or IT security. Our Brisbane IT services are dedicated to ensuring your IT infrastructure’s health while providing the added benefit of receiving IT support at an affordable price. In addition to this, having a dedicated services provider to maintain your IT system and network ensures none to limited downtimes, meaning no loss in productivity due to IT-related issues. 

Our highly qualified IT support technical team provides seamless support services to professional firms, SMEs, and business owners. We also provide unlimited remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee.

We are driven by the age-old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” When being proactive rather than reactive, IT support issues are stopped before they become problems to be fixed. We tailor all our IT services to each individual client. Speak to one of our friendly technicians today about your Brisbane business’s IT support requirements.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

Proactive IT Support Brisbane


Our IT Support prices are competitive. If you would like a quote or would like to meet us, please drop us a line on 1300 760 339 and we will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your IT service requirements. We are experts in Microsoft server support, network support, and supporting workstations, including Dell, Lenovo, and HP workstations.

We are familiar with a wide range of software to do with various industries such as Accounting, Legal Firms, Medical IT, and general business.

IT Support Brisbane

Professional IT Support Services

We offer businesses a variety of IT support services, such as onsite and remote IT support, data backups, and IT security.

We have several small business IT support options available. Our plans allow our talented technicians to proactively monitor and manage your servers, desktops, software, networks, and IT security for critical issues, and IT support issues are stopped before they become problems.

CRT offers comprehensive IT Support for Brisbane that includes desk-side onsite IT support. We have a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who are ready to provide fast onsite IT solutions at any time of the day. Our onsite IT support staff are knowledgeable and experienced, which means they can offer you quick resolutions. Because time really is money, having quick response times are key to ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

Our IT support team will successfully troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix any issues you encounter with your system or network instantly, using our remote support toolbox.

We offer IT support plans for Brisbane businesses, designed to suit your needs. Call one of our friendly team members on 1300 760 339 and we can discuss what package will be best for you. Speak to our IT support team today.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, all of our staff are highly trained professionals. We have been providing expert IT Support to Brisbane businesses since 2006. We are experts in IT Support and are trained Microsoft IT Support partners. Call us today and we can discuss your specific requirements.

Let CRT remove the IT stress from your day. For one fixed monthly fee, we will take over the day-to-day IT needs of your business, allowing you to focus on running your business. For IT Support that you can trust, call 1300 760 339 or email

Brisbane IT Support Provider

Why Choose CRT?

Experienced, professional team that provide specific IT support requirements, work towards business priorities and IT response expectations. Service Level Agreements to meet your individual business and service requirements.

Additional IT Services We Provide

Office 365 is so much more than just email hosting. Office 365 offers SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and collaboration tools.

Microsoft 365 allows small companies to have the software and infrastructure of a big company at a fraction of the cost. The higher costs of managing Microsoft Exchange Server have been removed with the ability to host your email directly on Microsoft 365. You still have all the functionality of a full-blown Exchange server, with shared calendars, contacts, etc.

We will ensure the IT setup of your new business or medical practice goes smoothly. 

We can help you with setting up your phones, servers, and network equipment – all things related to your IT infrastructure.

After the setup of your new equipment, we do not leave you high and dry but rather follow up and provide ongoing IT support that your business can rely on.

We provide cloud server setup and support. If you are looking to host your business’ data in the cloud, we can help.

When hosting your data in the cloud, proper hosting and management must be secure. Access to your data should only be provided using a 2FA, or two-factor authentication. If your business is not using 2FA to access your company’s data, then your data is vulnerable to a data breach which could cost your business thousands of dollars. 

Help Support My Business

IT support services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes, for a variety of reasons. These services offer many benefits to companies which strive to improve their productivity while maintaining lower costs at the same time. Support solutions have been found to help fuel business growth while increasing efficiency levels across the board.

This can be especially useful for small and medium sized businesses that typically don't have the funds or resources available to keep up with technology changes constantly taking place in today's market.

Increase Revenue & Efficiency

If you have an IT services request for your Brisbane business, we would love to hear from you. We will respond promptly to your enquiry and provide speedy support.

Why not speak to an expert? Call 1300 760 339 now to get through to one of our support staff, alternatively you can email

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