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Cloud Services

Moving your Business to the Cloud

Cloud Services can enhance your business’s communications, increase productivity and free up more of your staff’s time. 
Best of all, switching to Cloud Services is not as difficult as it might seem. 

Here are a few ways to move your business into the cloud:

We can help move your infrastructure to the cloud or maintain your current cloud hosting services. We always follow best practices for hosted infrastructures and make sure that your hosted resources are always up and running. We can also assist with maintaining security for your data hosted in the cloud or migrating your business to Microsoft 365. Let us help you find the Cloud-based Phone System that is best for you.

Cloud Services

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What Is The Cloud?

“The cloud” refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in data centres all over the world. By using cloud computing, users can customize their own server space in any location of their choosing with ease. Users don’t have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines. There are many different cloud services available but three common reasons to use cloud services is for file storage, file sharing and backing up data.  

Benefits of moving your business to the cloud

The benefits of moving your business to the cloud are huge!

You’re in good company with businesses and organizations around the world that rely on trusted cloud services to provide the level of security and access they need.


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Cloud Services

Cloud-based Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems are another example of a cloud service and are of incredible value to businesses. It offers you an online phone system that provides the ability to make calls over the internet and for phone services to be stored in the cloud. These systems are cost-efficient and reliable.

Company phone systems can now be replaced with cloud-based services, which typically provide lower costs, enhanced service quality, increased productivity, and more control over the phone system. Cloud-based technology is more cost effective than a traditional business phone system. A cloud-based phone system could save you anywhere from 40% to 80% on your regular phone bill.

Cloud-based phone systems have numerous benefits. They improve customer service and offer important business features such as virtual voicemail, call recording, paperless faxes, and much more. Remote workers can be linked to your office through a cloud-based phone system, and businesses with multiple locations have the benefit of connecting all their office locations to one phone number, making life simpler for their clients.  

Benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System

Don’t get tied down with a three-to-five-year business phone contract. All our Cloud Based Business Phone Systems come with a No Lock-In Contract feature. Unlimited phone packages are also available.

Our Cloud-based phone systems allow small businesses access to top line business functions on a reduced budget. One can use these types of apps – Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant, never miss a call or call centre solutions – from the convenience of their desk.

Small businesses need to be able to operate from multiple locations, on the go. With cloud services, employees can access features on a cloud-based phone system that make them productive and reachable while they are on the move.

Make it easy to manage your systems through the customer portal. Create insight into customer service, installation, configuration, trouble tickets, call analytics and billing. Resourceful for project management and bottom-line work.

As a business grows, so does the need to hire new employees, open new offices, and onboard new customers. This requires a communications system that can scale up — or down — as the need arises.

Phone systems “in the cloud” allow businesses to stay connected with customers from a distance no matter what. A cloud-based communications system is likely to remain unaffected by outside factors such as bad weather or other issues that may keep employees away from work.

With a cloud-based system, businesses can maintain a consistent presence — and access the tools needed — to keep things running smoothly.

Cost savings are another benefit of cloud-based phone system.  Moving telecommunications off PBX platforms, to the cloud can be less expensive relative to monthly service rates versus that of a traditional system, helping to reduce costs and, ultimately, increase profitability.

Interested in a Cloud-based Phone System?

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Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 - Everything In One Place

Microsoft 365 Setup

Are you looking for Office 365? Then you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. It is a new name but still offering the same great value at the same price.

Microsoft 365 applications are hosted over the Internet using cloud services. This means businesses have flexibility with their data, computing, and cloud storage. Many companies are switching to Office 365 for its powerful features which gives any sized organization the ability to use email, work on projects, share information with co-workers in the office, or with partners outside the organization.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that you can access through an internet browser from wherever you are, on any computing device, as long as you have a subscription and an internet connection.

Microsoft 365 combines all the productivity of Office 365 with intelligent Cloud services and advanced security. Microsoft 365 allows your team to work from anywhere and continue collaborating with their favourite Microsoft Office applications and innovative communication tools. 

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365:

Powerful tools to support your enterprise.
Improve employee productivity by connecting them to the people, information, and content they need.

Hub for teamwork
Digital workspace enables teams and cross-functional teams to work together in a virtual central location.

Flexible modern solution
Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription service, there is no requirement for massive upfront capital outlay. Only provide users with the tools they need and scale when your business needs it.

Cloud Services

SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 offers both OneDrive and SharePoint capabilities from the cloud.

OneDrive is an online document/file storage platform typically used by individuals or business teams who need a central location to store and access files.

SharePoint is a collaboration tool for businesses that need multiple individuals and teams to work on documents and products at the same time.

The integration of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business creates a powerful communication system for businesses. Share and store files easily with our cloud services, keep your data secure, and get the tools you need for improved business processes.

Cloud Services - SharePoint and OneDrive

Benefits of Microsoft 365's SharePoint and OneDrive

A few important benefits of migrating to Office 365 with SharePoint and OneDrive:

Security is a major concern for modern-day companies. Incorporating SharePoint and OneDrive into your operations can prevent some of those security issues. You can share vital information without sharing sensitive propriety information through SharePoint real-time collaborations.

SharePoint and OneDrive allow employees to seamlessly access the documents, information, people, and projects they need to be successful. Microsoft Teams brings together technology to make collaboration easier for your business.

Simplifying access to business information enables collaboration and allows for accurate communication. Multiple users can continuously update a document, with a record of changes made and the ability to go back to an earlier version if needed.

SharePoint and OneDrive can save your company lots of money. By having a total cloud solution, you eliminate the cost of a separate cloud account and data storage plan.

SharePoint and OneDrive make it easy to streamline and automate key processes. It’s faster and easier than ever to transmit data, track information, manage documents, work on group projects, and more with ease.

Why Choose CRT?

Cloud Services


Cloud Server Hosting

A cloud server is a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. It’s built, hosted, and delivered using cloud services via the internet and can be accessed by multiple users. 

Cloud servers can perform all the same functions as a traditional physical server, delivering processing power, storage, and applications to end-users with minimal effort and expense.

Cloud servers are hosted by the service provider, rather than the end-user, eliminating the costs of maintenance, electricity, installing updates, and providing security.

Top Five Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

Storing a company’s data in the cloud is a reliable and safe option for protecting it from theft and malicious activity, as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods. Protecting sensitive information is not easy on local networks. Cloud-based security systems can help with this, so users no longer need to worry about physical damage, human error, or cyberthreats.

Cloud hosting providers can provide access to extra layers of security by letting users log in with 2-factor authentication, install security tools and use resources as needed.

Cloud service options are often provided in packages to fit the needs of small businesses. These packages can be scaled to grow with your company’s changes or on an ongoing basis.

Options for hosting include: the public cloud, an affordable solution that allows many users to share the same servers provided by the remote host; private clouds dedicated to just one user; and hybrid- or multi-cloud options that can be a combination of cloud and local computing, or a group of cloud services dedicated to supporting different functions.

As a business grows, users can easily scale their cloud service plans to include more storage, more applications, and more services provided by the host.

When you store your data in the cloud, you can rest assured knowing backups are ready and waiting in the event of an emergency! Data backups are automated and usually take place daily.

Consider your current IT costs. Maintenance and expansion costs can all add up. Offloading the storage and performance capabilities of your business applications will not only reduce the amount of investment you make in IT hardware, but it will also greatly reduce the burden on your internal IT employees.

Depending on the cloud hosting provider, they’ll handle the backups, maintenance and updating of all your company’s storage needs, on top of the risk aversion. So, it’s a matter of keeping your data safe, your software updated and your costs down, versus potentially at risk, out-of-date and expensive.

The cloud erases time and location constraints. Data services are always available, from anywhere in the world. When data and applications are confined to local systems, access is typically limited to clearly defined times and circumstances.

Your data is stored safely in the cloud, so it can be accessed by anyone with permission. Any device or computer can connect around the world to collaborate with one another.

It’s easy to see why more and more businesses are moving to cloud.

Let CRT Cloud assist you in migrating your business into cloud computing.
Speak to one of our experts to discuss your cloud hosting requirements.

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