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Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

CRT Network Solutions can provide your business with an all-inclusive, proactive IT maintenance plan to properly manage and maintain your business’ IT infrastructure. Correct management of this important business resource will help your business, and your staff, perform better. Call CRT today! 

Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

Looking for a Proactive IT Maintenance Plan for your business? Choose CRT! Our Proactive IT Maintenance Plans are designed with your needs in mind. 

CRT Network Solutions is an experienced IT support provider, and we strive to tailor each of our proactive IT maintenance plans to suit our clients’ individual needs. The components within your IT infrastructure, the size nature of work your team does, and even the commercial goals of your business, are all important elements that we consider when providing your business with a proactive IT maintenance plan. 

With over 15 years in the industry, you can rest assured that the CRT Network Solutions team know what they’re doing. We understand that technical IT knowledge isn’t something everyone is equipped with and are happy to assist you with even the most simple-seeming IT tasks. We provide onsite and remote support for over-the-phone troubleshooting with our clients! 

Partner with CRT Network Solutions: choose our proactive IT maintenance plan and enjoy the following benefits of working with the experts:

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We have provided IT support to many clients over the years, all of whom work in vastly different industries. We’ve seen it all and can provide quality support and IT advice through our proactive IT maintenance plan.

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We have offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We can provide quick-response assistance to our business clients and are always accessible via email and phone. 

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We’re the experts because we go out of our way to be! We tackle every IT problem head-on and strive to find a solution that suits you. Our proactive It maintenance plan is designed to help manage and mitigate the IT problems you face. 

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We recommend our proactive IT maintenance plans to our clients because it allows us to tailor our services to your needs and provide you with great service, every time. We get to know your business and can help maintain your systems. 

Interested in our Proactive IT Maintenance Plans? Get in touch.

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Our technicians are highly trained to provide quality IT support.

We are a one stop business IT support company understanding all the aspects of keeping a small business running smoothly.

Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

Be Prepared, Maintain Your Systems!

The IT infrastructure of your business is very important and is sometimes one of the biggest expenses a business can have. Aside from this, most businesses are becoming more and more reliant on IT systems, networks and infrastructure, and require these facilities in almost every aspect of their day-to-day runnings. This makes your IT infrastructure a valuable investment to protect. 

As a professional IT support company, we believe that outsourced IT support is the best option for most businesses as it helps maximise the results you obtain from your IT software and hardware while using the expert and professional support services of a reputable IT company. 

Our highly qualified IT support technical team provides seamless support services to professional firms, SMEs and business owners. We also provide unlimited remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee.

We are driven by the age-old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” Being proactive rather than reactive, IT support issues are stopped before they become problems to be fixed. We tailor all our IT services to each individual client.

Network & Peripheral Management

Network security is at the core of all of our services. We ensure that all computer systems are managed and maintained in a secure way. This includes network peripherals such as printers, scanners, routers and wireless access points.

Business Server Management

Servers play a crucial role in your business’ IT infrastructure. When a server develops an issue, it can potentially tarnish your productivity, as well as pose a security risk to your IT infrastructure. We play great importance on server care.

Hardware & Software Management

The ability of your staff to operate at their full potential can be limited by outdated or under-performing hardware and software. Outdated software can also pose a security risk to your network. We ensure your facilities are up to date and working optimally.

Firewalls & Security Management

Utilising IT components makes security facilities like firewalls a necessity. Security measures like firewalls can also help with managing network traffic. Proper IT security requires adequate management to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure.

Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

Key to every proactive IT Maintenance Plan is a thorough IT security audit. This audit is crucial to identifying problems within your IT hardware, software, networks and servers. 

If your business uses tech or the internet, you need a quarterly IT security audit!

An IT security audit is the only way to locate problem areas within your business’ network security. It is likely that your business is exposed to possible security breaches. There are certain questions that every business owner should be able to answer, for instance:

There is much malicious activity and software on the internet and businesses are often targeted by software or users that can put your business’ IT infrastructure and data in jeopardy. The results of a security breach can be financially devastating for a business of any size, which is why conducting a quarterly IT security audit is so necessary.  

Your business definitely needs an IT security audit if you answer “yes” to any of these questions or statements:

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you should get an IT security audit done by an expert cyber security services provider that has the resources, skill and training to protect your IT infrastructure and data, increase your productivity and provide sound advice to prevent cyber threats.

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Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

IT Security Audits within Your Plan

The importance and necessity of an IT security audit cannot be understated. As more and more businesses use online facilities and platforms to conduct their operations, more and more of the business itself is at risk. CRT Network Solutions’ security audit assesses your business’ overall IT infrastructure and environment for physical and software threats that can compromise your business’ IT security. 

We recommend a quarterly security audit to our clients for the following reasons:

It identifies problem and risk areas

Your IT infrastructure comprises a vast network of hardware, software and users and it can be difficult for you to manage these systems in-house. Expert outsourced IT services can identify areas that may pose a problem or put your business at risk. In an on-site IT security audit, CRT will check network vulnerability, operating systems, remote access and permissions, spam filters, antivirus programmes and firewalls. 

It establishes whether your existing security facilities are adequate

The level of IT security your business has should match the technologies that your business uses. An IT security audit can help identify whether the existing security facilities you have in place are sufficient to protect your business from outside cyber threats. 

It provides an in-depth analysis of your IT systems

Our IT security audit report contains a detailed breakdown of our findings while analysing your IT systems. It will highlight problem areas and provide solutions to those problems, clarify whether your system is in compliance with industry standards, and check your security policies and programmes. 

It reduces the risk of IT-related theft or damage

The primary goal of an IT security audit is to protect your data and IT systems. An IT security audit can thus easily identify a possible threat or problem before one has been established, ensuring your business’ integrity, confidentiality and security. 

Reasons you should get an IT security audit every quarter:

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Proactive IT Maintenance Plan

Our Plan Keeps You in Mind

It is important to maintain the integrity of your existing IT infrastructure and data for your business. A data breach can be very costly to a business. Depending on the extent of the data breach, it can cause some businesses to close their doors due to loss of data or by receiving bad press after the data breach. Ensuring that your data is kept safe is critical to every business. Every day, more and more businesses are becoming reliant on their IT systems, networks and infrastructure. They require all of these facilities to manage their day-to-day runnings. This makes your IT data, systems and infrastructure a valuable investment to protect.

As a professional IT support company, CRT Network Solutions has been providing proactive IT maintenance services for small and medium-sized business for over 15 years. Our proactive IT maintenance plan caters for a variety of business types and sizes, as well as a range of additional IT services that may be required, such as network monitoring or firewall management. Our IT services are dedicated to ensuring your IT infrastructure’s health and safety while providing the added benefit of receiving IT support at an affordable price. In addition to this, having a dedicated IT security audit services provider to maintain your IT system and network ensures none to limited down times, meaning no loss in productivity due to IT-related issues. 

If you need a proactive IT maintenance plan for your business, please get in touch!

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Services We Offer

We love using Office 365 for business email setups.

Office 365 is so much more than just email hosting. Office 365 offers SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and collaboration.

We specialise in providing support to businesses in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. 

Businesses cannot afford to be offline for long. Using our 24/7 monitoring software, we constantly monitor the health of your servers to make sure that there are no upcoming hardware faults that can be prevented. 

We will ensure the IT setup of your new business or medical practice goes smoothly. 

We can help you with setting up your phones, servers and network equipment – all things related to your IT infrastructure.

After the setup of your new equipment, we do not leave you high and dry but rather follow up and provide ongoing IT support that your business can rely on.

We provide cloud server setup and support. If you are looking to host your business’ data in the cloud, we can help.

When hosting your data in the cloud, proper hosting and management must be secure. Access to your data should only be provided using a 2FA, or two-factor authentication. If your business is not using 2FA to access your company’s data, then your data is vulnerable to a data breach which could cost your business thousands of dollars. 

Our IT support services include:

Additional services we provide:

Why this shouldn't be handled in-house:

IT Support FAQs

Immediate IT support is just a phone call away – for urgent requests, please call us on 1300 760 339. For non-urgent requests, you can complete our contact form or send us an email.

Yes! Our support staff and technicians provide 24/7 IT support to our existing customers. After-hours support is reserved for emergencies only.

A good IT company should:

– have a good company culture

– be personable

– be knowledgeable 

– be available at short notice in times of emergency

– have good attention to detail

– always be on the lookout for security breaches

– be affordable.

 Initially, we will have a meeting with you and go through all the aspects of the IT support your business will require. We will find out what has been working and what has not been working. We will then identify what passwords are required across the network and internet platforms prior to notifying the existing IT support. We will also make sure that you, the client, are not at risk by ensuring you have a secure backup of your data in hand prior to notifying your existing IT support. We make sure to protect the clients’ interests every step of the way.