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Dedicated Best Practice Cloud Hosting Solutions

Best Practice Cloud Hosting

With CRT, your Best Practice medical data will be protected, regularly backed up, and easily accessible.

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Host Your Best Practice Software in the Cloud

Let CRT Network Solutions assist you in migrating your medical practice's software and data into cloud computing. We specialise in providing Best Practice cloud hosting solutions to medical clinics in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

CRT Network Solutions is a trusted, reputable IT support company that has been helping companies in the medical field with IT support, data management and security and more for over ten years. We understand your Best Practice needs and the importance of proper, secure data storage and hosting in the cloud.

Data storage has become an important task for every business, including those in the medical industry. Keeping that data safe is equally as important – which is why you should consider cloud hosting for your Best Practice clinic. By securing your Best Practice data and hosting it in cloud storage, you can help protect your clinic from a loss of important data, and ensure your clinic’s data is secure. No paper, no fuss!

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Customised Hosting Solutions

We can customise your hosting setup to suit your needs, offering full cloud-based hosting and hybrid structures, allowing you to choose to host your data locally, but backup to the cloud.

We can put backup infrastructure in place that will allow us to launch a temporary remote environment in a hurry, giving you the necessary infrastructure that your medical centre can operate from and minimise downtimes.

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Cloud-based Software Support & Hosting Services

CRT Network Solutions’ Best Practice software support and hosting services are designed to support you in delivering healthcare to your patients, safely and efficiently.

With Best Practice cloud hosting, you no longer require onsite server hardware, time-consuming manual backups, and costly hardware maintenance.

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Dedicated Data Backups for Best Practice Software

As part of our Maintenance Agreements, we monitor your server on a daily basis and ensure that backups are running smoothly. Data backups are done after-hours to ensure minimal interference with the daily operation of your clinic.

We recommend that all of our medical clients are on one of our maintenance agreements.

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Best Practice Data Security

We focus on keeping unwanted visitors to your network locked out. A common theme today is for medical clinics to be hacked and all their data encrypted.

We make sure that all the security loopholes on your network are closed.

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Best Practice Software Updates

We provide medical updates after hours to both the servers and the workstations. We ensure that there is a reliable backup prior to running a medical update.

We also run these updates after hours so that there is no downtime to the practice.

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Best Practice Software Support

We can assist you with Best Practice support for your medical practice or clinic. We know that medical practices rely on software to conduct their operations, making prompt IT support crucial.

Our friendly staff is always ready to take your call.

Secure Best Practice Cloud Hosting Solutions

Advantages of Cloud Hosting for Medical Practices

Cloud hosting is a secure way to store, manage and protect your medical practice or clinic's important data. By choosing to store your Best Practice data on the cloud, you can rest assured knowing that your clinic’s data is secure, protected and immediately, easily accessible from almost anywhere – any time you need it.

Cloud hosting allows you to easily access your data when you need it, as well as control who can access it, and when. Additionally, Best Practice cloud hosting is remote, provides easy access to your data when you need it, and allows you to back up your data, keeping it safe in the event of issues or faults. By storing your Best Practice clinic data in the cloud, you can save your practice time, money and even space!

Best Practice Cloud Hosting: Plan Options

CRT offers our customers different types of cloud hosting solutions, ensuring you get the best value-for-money cloud hosting service that suits your needs. We can audit your existing cloud hosting services to ensure your data is secure, or provide you with our own secure complete or hybrid cloud hosting plan.

A complete cloud hosting solution means taking all of your data online. CRT will actively monitor, manage and make sure this data is secure, as well as ensure that it is regularly backed up.

Hybrid cloud hosting means keeping some of your files local, while backing them up to the cloud. CRT will manage your online cloud data and make sure it is secure, as well as regularly back it up.

By choosing CRT to host your medical data using our complete or hybrid Best Practice cloud hosting, you can enjoy the following benefits:

We look after a number of medical practices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, and are experienced in supporting the healthcare industry. We fully understand the liability associated with keeping Best Practice medical data safe and secure.

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Best Practice Hybrid & Comprehensive Cloud Hosting Solutions

Maximise Practice Efficiency with Dedicated
Support and Unrivalled Response Times

We know how crucial your IT infrastructure and equipment is to the day-to-day runnings of your medical practice. That’s why we offer fast, affordable and convenient IT support to medical practices and clinics in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We are prompt and respond quickly to incoming queries, and we always aim to get you back up and running in no time.

We can help with your Best Practice Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing has become a popular way to manage your business. It is a secure, easy and affordable method of storing your data. We at CRT Network Solutions can help you safely move your data onto a cloud hosting system, without interrupting your business operations. We can create a cloud hosting system for you, or move or manage your existing cloud hosting data.

Cloud-based clinical management solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and speed, while keeping security a priority. With the increasing number of mobile devices being used in healthcare, the cloud provides the ability to be accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device, minimising the inefficiencies and rigidity of on-premise systems.

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Advantages of a Fully Cloud-Hosted Best Practice Setup

Best Practice Cloud Hosting & Support Services

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