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We provide affordable, quick IT support services to medical practices using Best Practice. For all your Best Practice support needs, get in touch!

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Best Practice Support - By CRT

At CRT Network Solutions, we offer Best Practice Support, providing dedicated IT assistance to medical practices using Best Practice software. Our team of experienced service professionals can help you minimize downtimes, increase efficiency, and ensure your practice runs seamlessly.

We specialize in providing reliable and trusted Best Practice Support services to medical practices. With years of experience in the IT industry, we take pride in our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our fast response time and affordable service offering make us a top choice for businesses seeking affordable IT support.

As experts in Best Practice Support, we understand the crucial role software plays in the daily operations of medical practices. That’s why our friendly and highly-trained staff are always available to assist with all your Best Practice Support needs, from server and network installations to hardware and software fixes.

We understand that prompt and reliable IT support is vital for the smooth operation of medical practices. That’s why our team of technicians is dedicated to delivering swift and satisfactory solutions to all your IT needs. By choosing CRT, you can rest assured that your practice will receive quality service from our team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing the best possible Best Practice Support for your software.

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Best Practice Software Updates

We provide medical updates after hours to both the servers and the workstations. We ensure that there is a recent, reliable backup prior to running a medical update. This is important because sometimes the medical updates can corrupt the database.

We also run these updates after hours so that there is no downtime to the practice.

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Best Practice Data Security

We focus on keeping unwanted visitors to your network locked out. A common theme today is for medical clinics to be hacked and all their data encrypted.

We make sure that all the security loopholes on your network are closed.

Medical Practice Setup


We help you achieve accreditation for your medical practice. We can provide you with a Disaster Recovery Plan as this is required for Accreditation.

We will also provide an asset register.

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Comprehensive Software Support

We can assist you with Best Practice support for your medical practice or clinic.

We make every effort to provide a holistic support service to your medical practice and can provide additional IT support and services, such as network monitoring, hardware and software updates, and crucial cyber security checks.

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Best Practice Data Backups

When backing up your Best Practice software, it is important to use the backup that Best Practice uses in conjunction with backing up the entire Best Practice folder itself.

When you use our Best Practice cloud hosting services, we ensure that backups are running smoothly

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Responsive Help Desk

We have a responsive help desk always ready to take your call. Our IT support staff has a lot of experience in the medical industry and the various medical programs that your medical clinic might use.

We can help you get your software issues resolved quickly.

24/7 Best Practice Support Services

Choose the Industry Experts for Best Practice Support & More

We provide a range of different IT support services to take care of all your medical practice IT support needs. As an IT solutions provider, we have in-house tools that allow us to closely monitor your network environment.

These tools allow for network monitoring, antivirus monitoring, web monitoring, backup monitoring and security monitoring. Our tools allow us to protect your data from encryption viruses, hacking and many other security concerns.

We are a reputable Best Practice IT support company with branches in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and have several years of medical practice IT support experience, with the aim to help you move your practice forward.

Turnkey Solutions for Medical Practices & Clinics

We provide a turnkey solution for our medical practices and clinics using Best Practice software. We also provide hardware and software for servers, workstations, printers, networking equipment and office supplies.

Easily reduce the cost of running your practice by outsourcing your business IT support and server repair needs. An expert IT support company, such as CRT, will help you save money, time, and frustration, simplifying your IT support needs and helping your medical practice run efficiently and without interruption.

As a professional IT support company, we understand the value of your business’ technology infrastructure. Therefore, we bring our services right to your doorstep. We make sure that we are able to help and assist you and your business, and our team of specialists are ready to support your business, no matter the situation.

Our Best Practice support technicians ensure an efficient network, affording you peace of mind when running a busy practice, that your IT requirements are being expertly managed.

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Best Practice Support & Solutions

Dedicated Best Practice Support

We know how crucial your medical software is to the day-to-day runnings of your business. That’s why we offer fast, affordable IT support services to medical practices. We are prompt, respond quickly to incoming queries, and will aim to get you back up and running in no time. We can even come to you!

Best Practice Support Solutions

If you need Best Practice IT support, you’ve come to the right place! As an IT support provider, we understand your practice’s IT needs. We have experience in providing IT support for various different types of medical practice software and can ensure that your day-to-day operations will continue smoothly.

With offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, our technicians can provide both remote and onsite support services to your medical practice.

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