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How to Stop Hackers through Remote Desktop + Site Security Audits

IT security audit

Anyone using a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or RDP to connect to their Office or Cloud Server remotely needs to read this! If you are unsure whether you do or not, please call our office to confirm.

In this article I am going to discuss how to protect your network and discuss the risks associated with Remote Access. I will keep this article short and to the point.

Ever Seen This Message?

RDP hackers










There have been a few instances recently where businesses have been hacked through RDP. To sort this out we have been looking at some very creative solutions to block out certain countries & only allow remote connections from specific IP addresses or networks.

After some investigation, we have found a perfect solution to the problem using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

Our 2FA Product

  • Requires approval from the user’s phone every time they log in.
  • Performs GEO Blocking – keeps out those nasty countries.
  • Ability to Whitelist an IP Address or Known network. (This means no prompting for approval from certain networks)

Plus many more features…

To Get Started with RDP Hacking Protection…

  1. Contact CRT on 1300 760 339 and let us know you’re interested. We can then give you a quote.
  2. Send us a list of Users and their phone numbers. We will SMS each user a link to install the 2FA software on their device.
  3. We will connect remotely to install our 2FA software on each PC that gets accessed remotely.
  4. We will also check the Router to ensure all other remote access or open ports are disabled. Thus securing your network from external access through your Router.

In a nutshell…

Using 2FA looks to be one of the most foolproof ways to protect your network from this type of attack. Unless a hacker has access to your phone, they cannot perform that secondary approval to allow access to your computer.

We also strongly recommend that a CRT SECURITY AUDIT gets performed routinely on your network. We suggest that once a quarter is a good interval.

CRT Network Solutions

CRT’s Security Audit Includes the Following…

  • Open Ports and forwarded ports
  • Antivirus Status – all PCs and server
  • The spam filter is applied to all email addresses accessed on the network. No private emails for staff should be checked on the network PCs.
  • All remote access needs to be protected by 2FA.
  • Wireless Password Security – Is it secure enough? Do the staff have it and are they connecting unprotected personal devices?
  • Password Complexity and lockout measures
  • Windows Updates
  • Backup procedure and Disaster recovery plan

…plus much more

The security audit we perform is quite in-depth and will take some time in order to be completely thorough. If you would like a routine audit for your network, please contact us at, or call 1300 760 339 and ask for Chris.

Unfortunately, this is the day and age we live in, constantly fighting off attacks. Doing nothing about this is not an option anymore.


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