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How to Migrate Your Email to Office 365

Migrating Your Email to Office 365

If you’re looking to migrate your email to the Office 365 email platform and you are not an IT expert, my advice for you is to get someone like us to do the migration for you. We have been doing Office 365 email migrations for years now and we have some in-house tools that allow us to minimize disruption to your office.

Our in-house tools can migrate your emails behind the scenes, whilst everyone is working and at the last minute we can pull the trigger to switch you over to the new hosted email platform.  

Public Folders in Office 365

If you are using public folders extensively in your business and have a large number of emails stored, we suggest treading very carefully when you think about switching over to Office 365. The reason being is Microsoft has throttled the speed at which you can upload your public folder, into the Office 365 public folder store. It’s an extremely painful process to migrate multiple public folders to the cloud. We do have software that can do it for you, however, the licensing is based on a per public folder basis and it can get pricey.

If you do have an organization that relies heavily on public folders, you might think about hosting your email locally and having your own in-house exchange server so that you are not limited by Microsoft public folder limitations. We can help you set up your Microsoft Exchange server if you need.

What is the Benefit of Microsoft Office-Hosted Email?

One of the main benefits¬†of hosting your email with Microsoft Office 365 is the ability to view your email from multiple devices, from multiple locations around the world, and also have Microsoft look after the integrity of the email platform.¬† This means you don’t have to worry about the health of your own server because Microsoft is doing that for you.

It also gives you that big company feel, where big companies usually have the edge over the smaller guy because they run Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Exchange gives you also features such as shared calendars, shared mailboxes, shared contacts, and the ability to create forms & messages to send around the office. Microsoft Office 365 gives you all of these features you just have to know how to implement them on the back end.

Office 365 Migration

Is Hosting My Emails with Microsoft Office 365 Safe?

Yes, hosting your emails with Microsoft is safe. We haven’t heard of anyone getting hacked through the hosted email platform. However, there are some issues you need to be aware of.¬† Items that¬†get¬†deleted from a user’s mailbox can only be recovered for the next 30 days.

What this means is that you have a malicious staff member, he could be deleting emails as when he feels like and if you haven’t realised this within 30 days then you have no way of recovering those emails they are gone forever.¬† To do this you must have a backup system for your Office 365 email in place.¬†

Office 365 Email Spam Filter

We’ve heard from a few sources that the spam filter that comes built-in with the Office 365 system is not the best. We, therefore use our own cloud-based email spam filter, which also has built-in antivirus.¬† What this means is before the emails even hit your Office 365 email system they have to pass through our secure spam filter and antivirus system. This protects your staff and your network from viruses and malicious content.

Our spam filter is regularly updated worldwide. You can also implement your own set of rules and you can change how strict you want your spam filter to be.¬†¬†You will also receive an email digest report at multiple times during the day where you’ll be able to release emails that have been caught.¬†You can also log in online and release an email if you feel like one has been caught straight away. However, I have been using the spam filter myself for a couple of years now and I haven’t had to go and release any emails on my behalf.

Our spam filter is fantastic. In my company, I have trained IT Support staff who know what a malicious email looks like, however, I still do not leave my network unprotected by not putting in a spam filter it’s one of your most important lines of defense.¬†

If you need any help migrating your email to the Office 365 email solution, please contact our office. We are here to help and we can help you no matter where you are in Australia whether you are on the Sunshine Coast or if you are based in Brisbane, Adelaide, or Melbourne – it doesn’t matter.


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