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Essential Eight Cyber Security

Essential 8 Security Services

The Essential 8 framework can help you enhance your security posture and defend against cyber threats to protect your business.

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Essential 8 Assessment

At CRT, we understand that the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and that businesses need to adapt their security strategies to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we offer a dedicated Essential 8 assessment, which is designed to help businesses review and improve their cyber security posture.

Our Process

Conduct Audit

By auditing your IT systems, processes and security measures against the ISM Security Controls we can help ensure that they comply with industry standards.


Once the audit is complete, we'll send you a report with our detailed expert recommendations for attaining ISM Security Controls and achieving highest maturity levels in each mitigation strategy.


We will help your business meet the maturity level requirements for compliance with the Essential 8, through a series of solutions implemented around our clients' needs and budget.

Ongoing Servicing

With our commitment to the security of your business, we'll check in with you every quarter and annually to ensure that all bases are covered.

Understanding The Essential Eight

What Is The Essential 8?

The Essential 8 is a set of mitigation strategies, developed and maintained by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), that are designed to help businesses of all sizes protect themselves from the online threats that are recognised as being the root cause of most intrusion events and unplanned outages. 

These cybersecurity advisory services can be applied across a broad spectrum of networks, systems and application, from local installations through to cloud and other online services – although it is largely targeted at Microsoft Windows based networks. 

Essential 8 provides the building blocks of a robust cybersecurity strategy. By following the guidance provided in Essential 8, businesses can significantly reduce their security risk profile and better protect themselves against persistent threats. 

What The Essential 8 Focuses On:

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The Essential 8 Maturity Model

Level 0

Businesses exhibit weaknesses in their cybersecurity posture that can be exploited by threats. For example, they may not have implemented basic security measures such as password protection or firewalls. As as result, these businesses are at a high risk of being breached by cyberattacks. 

Level 1

Businesses have basic protections in place that help prevent cyber criminal and other threats, using common tools and methods, from breaking into systems. However, these businesses are still vulnerable to more

Level 2

Businesses have strategies in place to mitigate a variety of sophisticated attacks that seek to exploit elevated user privileges and other potential weaknesses such as credential harvesting. These businesses are better placed to defend themselves against cyberattacks but should continue to invest in their cybersecurity posture. 

Level 3

These businesses implement a range of tools such as specific application controls, workstation logging and monitoring to ensure anomalous activity can be quickly detected and addressed. This allows them to effectively respond to sophisticated cyber threats and minimise the impact of any successful attacks. 

What Our Clients Say

Essential 8 Cyber Security

Receive Expert Security Advice & Support

The Essential Eight controls are the building blocks of cyber security. Adopting these basic steps will help you avoid many risks and threats while enhancing your company's overall digital well-being

The CRT approach is tailored for each client, so we can implement an effective set that includes both preventative measures as well as recovery plans in case something does go wrong!

Benefits of Essential 8 For Your Business

Protection From Cyber Attacks

The set of eight cyber security strategies that, when implemented together, create a comprehensive defence against common threats. The strategies are designed to protect your business in different ways, providing you with a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

Minimise The Impact of Security Breaches

The Essential 8 is a security framework consisting of eight key security practices that organisations should implement in order to protect themselves from the most common cyber threats. By taking steps to harden their systems and defences, businesses can minimise the damage caused by a security breach or incident.

Measure Your Security Risk

The Essential 8 provides you with a well-structured way to benchmark your business against in order identify and measure any cyber security risks. This will ensure that they're compliant with ASD advice on how best protect themselves from online vulnerabilities.

Low Cost, High Impact

Implementing the low cost, high-impact Essential 8 mitigation strategies will be far cheaper than a breach and can help you avoid potential cyber attacks that could debilitating for your business.

Partner With Essential 8 Cybersecurity Experts

How We Can Help You

As businesses strive to improve their cybersecurity posture, they often look to Managed Security Service Providers for help. CRT Network Solutions are an experienced MSSP that can assist businesses in achieving the highest Essential 8 maturity level.

Our team have extensive experience in delivering innovative managed security services that enhance business’s protective posture. Our services are tailored to each business’s specific needs, and we will work closely with you to ensure that we are able to meet your cybersecurity goals. 

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