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Practix Medical Data Conversion

Practix Data Conversion – by CRT

So Practix medical IT support is coming to an end. We can help convert your existing Practix medical data across to any medical program that you wish, such as Medical DirectorBest PracticeGenie Solutions and many others.

During the conversion process from Practix we will first perform a trial conversion of the medical data.

We will then get you and your staff to check and make sure you are happy with the data transferred.

Once you are happy with the Practix data that has been transferred, we will then perform a live conversion over a weekend or evening.

We have done many conversions between various medical programs over the years. If you are looking to convert to another medical vendor please do give us a call.

We are experienced with many medical programs and can definitely help you ensure that you have a smooth transition to the new software.

We will also leave your old Practix data in place for reference purposes, however you will not be able to prescribe in the old Practix system.

Speak to us about maintaining your existing medical infrastructure as we are experts in this area. We deal with Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie Solutions, RX medical and many other medical programs.

We know how to keep your Medical Data safe and secure. Medical IT Support is our area of expertise.

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