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Phone Systems for Business

CRT offers a range of Phone Systems for Business, for your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Melbourne based Business.

Phone Systems for Business

Get Phone Systems for Business that suits your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Melbourne Businesses needs. No need to sign a long term contract with your internet provider, find a phone system that works for you.

If you’re a small business, you can’t afford to be missing calls. Take control of your business with our phone systems for business. Our phone systems help you establish professionalism, and assist your customers without any hassle.

At CRT Network Solutions, our phone systems for business specialists can provide a complete cost-effective phone system solution for your business. Let CRT help you maximise your productivity and communicate more effectively.

CRT offers a range of advanced feature Phone Systems for Business at competitive rates. With low upfront costs.

Call us today to discuss the phone system that is right for you!
We have been providing IT Support to Queensland Businesses since 2006.

Phone Systems for Business

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Must-have Features for your Phone Systems for Business

Our phone systems for business have everything your small business needs to manage your calls with ease!
Some of the common phone features you shouldn’t be without include:

Phone Systems For Business

No Lock-In Contracts
No need to sign a long-term contract with your internet provider, find a Phone system for Business that works for you.

Forwarding to Mobile
Break free from the office desk. With our phone systems for business, incoming calls can be automatically routed to mobile app, desktop phone and softphone at the same time. This means you can have the one number regardless of where in the world you are located.

Port your existing number
Port your existing number with our phone systems for business and eliminates the need for new stationary, updating contacts and potential loss of calls in the migration stages.

Connect multiple offices on one number
Transfer calls from the office to remote users, or even between sites easily and seamlessly. With CRT’s phone systems for business, employees can easily see the presence of other users and avoid making or transferring calls unnecessarily, or sending an inbound call to voicemail unnecessarily.

Music On Hold
Music on hold is a standard feature of our phone systems for business, which can be updated through the client portal at any time by simply uploading a new audio file and eliminating additional ongoing maintenance costs.

Very competitive rates
Our phone systems for business are excellent value for money that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost. Connect your other site offices or remote workers for further savings, all inter office calls will become internal calls and will therefore be free.

Unlimited Call Plans Available
Get standard monthly bills without surprises. Contact us today to check if this solution is suitable for you.

Personalised Voicemail
With our phone systems for business, each extension can have its own personalised voicemail message recorded. This personalises the client experience for those times that the business is not available. Receive voicemail as an audio file received to your registered email account or playback messages directly from your connected device.

Most Popular Phone Systems for Business

Setting up a phone system in your small business can be confusing. In addition to a variety of options, you are faced with unfamiliar terms and how it all works. Speak to one of CRT’s Phone Systems for Business experts for advice on how to find the perfect phone systems to meet all of your company’s needs.

Choosing a new phone system is easier once you know what the different types of phone systems for business are and what features to look for in a new system. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is the new standard in Australia, so understanding VoIP will also help you understand the need for some features in newer systems.

VOIP Business Phone Systems Yealink

Yealink W60P IP Phone – Cordless –

Model: W60P

VOIP Business Phone Systems Yealink

Yealink MP54 IP Phone- Corded – Desktop – Classic Gray

Model: MP54-Teams
VOIP Business Phone Systems

Yealink CP960 IP Conference Station – Corded/Cordless – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – Classic Gray

Model: CP960-TEAMS

Phone Systems for Business

Available for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Melbourne Businesses.

What Is a VoIP Business Phone System?

VoIP technology has steadily grown in popularity over the years, but slow internet speeds offered by dial-up and later ADSL never made VoIP a practical option for most businesses. The rollout of nbn and independent fibre networks has allowed VoIP to become the standard for phone services in Australia.

VoIP technology sends your voice digitally over the internet so that it can be converted back to audio by the VoIP device at the other end. The best part about VoIP is you don’t need a phone line or internet connection because it runs smoothly and seamlessly over one. A VoIP phone system offers all that a traditional phone system offered but is often simpler and more affordable to install and use.

Our Phone Systems for Business are cloud based phone systems that use VoIP technology. With CRT’s Phone Systems for Business, it’s quick and easy to set up, so there’s no down time for your business or expensive installation costs.

Here’s why our Phone Systems for Business are a great solution for your Company:

It’s simple to see why more and more Businesses across Australia are switching to this amazing technology. Save money, improve Customer Service and increase reliability and performance with our Business Phone System Solutions. 

Phone Systems for Business

The Trusted Experts in IT

As a professional IT support provider, we understand the value of your business’ technology infrastructure. Therefore, we bring our services right to your doorstep. 

We make sure that we are able to help and assist you and your business, and our team of specialists is ready to support your business, no matter the situation. 

We know how crucial your IT infrastructure is to your practice’s operations. That’s why we offer our clients fast, affordable and convenient IT support services. We are prompt, respond quickly to any incoming queries, and always aim to get your business back up and running in no time. 

So if you require IT support services, look no further than CRT Network Solutions. We have been providing business IT services and more to small and medium-sized businesses since 2006. 

With us, you are guaranteed secure and reliable IT support!

Phone Systems for Business


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As an IT support company, we provide a variety of technical and support services

to small and medium size businesses.

Fast, Efficient Response

We quickly respond to IT support and computer repair requests. We have offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, allowing us to address any IT or technical issues our  customers may face. Our staff always endeavour to be punctual. If we do run late, we will call ahead and let you know. Our Helpdesk is manned by qualified technicians that can quickly fix any IT related support issues you may be experiencing.

24/7 IT Support & Monitoring

Hiring our IT company provides you with 24/7 monitoring for all your IT equipment. You don’t have to worry about IT problems such as website downtime and network security hacks, because our IT team is available to handle all issues immediately as they occur, and in some cases, even before they occur! You can also get help in understanding any new software or technology your business needs.

Reduced IT Support Costs

You can reduce the cost of running your business by outsourcing your IT support and computer repair needs. An expert IT support company, such as CRT, will help you save money. You won’t have to worry about telephone and VOIP services bills, maintaining support systems and more. We at CRT are always ready and willing to give a helping hand with all your IT support and computer repair needs.

IT Hardware & Software Supply and Installation

We provide a turnkey solution for our clients. We provide hardware and software for servers, workstations, printers, networking equipment and office supplies. If you are looking for someone to handle any job from start to finish, we can help! Being based in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast allows us to quickly get PCs and servers installed at your business.

IT Security Services

You don’t have to worry about the disaster of a network hack, which leads to data breaches and a bad business reputation, when you have expert IT support. Our expert support will ensure your business has adequate IT security measures in place to quickly identify and contain potential security threats, as well as provide up-to-date backups.

Latest Tech & IT Services

With us, you are sure to get the latest IT technology and development that will enhance your business’s efficiency and IT security. Our IT technicians and support staff are proactive in identifying areas of improvement for your business. The IT team you are hiring will ensure that your business is up-to-date on the latest IT trends, enabling you to be several steps ahead of your competitors.

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