Cloud Hosting for Medical Practices

Medical Practice Cloud Hosting


Many new medical practice’s are looking to get started in the cloud. We have been providing secure cloud hosting to Medical Practices for a number of years now.
We can help you achieve a stress free setup for your new or existing clinic. We are able to host Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie Medical, and many others.
The cost for hosting your practice in the cloud depends on the size of your clinic, and how many concurrent users will be accessing the system.

 Do you need your new medical practice setup in a hurry? No problem. We can get this setup for you within a couple of days.


What are the benefits of hosting your Medical Practice in the cloud?


One of the main benefits is the low entry cost. Purchasing and maintaining server hardware can be expensive. It also needs replacing on a 3-5 year cycle.

 Below are some of the other benefits to cloud hosting.


Medical Cloud Hosting – easy to adapt

Do you need extra users, extra space, extra power. No problem at all. We can add extra resources to your cloud server overnight.

Medical Cloud Hosting – secure

We keep your medical data secure from our end. We implement a secure firewall as well as setup 2FA (two factor authentication). In fact, we will not allow any of our cloud servers to be access without 2FA.

Putting your remote access behind a VPN for security isn’t good enough these days. 2FA is the way to go because it requires approval from your phone to proceed. It is also inexpensive, so why wouldn’t you do it.

Medical Cloud Hosting – uptime

The cloud based servers are more reliable than on-premise servers. Also, if you have a power failure at your clinic, you can always continue to access your data using a laptop and 3G.

Medical Cloud Hosting – It’s the future

In a number of years all data will be kept in the cloud, especially when you start getting tear jerking internet speeds. Why not prepare your clinic now and be at the cutting edge.

Medical Cloud Hosting – always up to date

This one is a bit more complex. The hardware will always be kept up to date and be upgraded routinely.

The Server software however does need to be kept up to date by your IT Provider, which would be us. We would keep your Server software continually patched and secure. You would also need the Server software moved across to a new version every 5 years or so.

Medical Cloud Hosting – better backups

Because your data is in the cloud, and being backed up to the cloud, this then give you the ability to achieve quick restore times.

The speed of restoration depends on the backup method used.


Why host your Medical Data in the cloud?


In summary, hosting your medical data in the cloud provides you with quicker and more reliable access to your Medical Data. It can be cheaper, and it allows for faster clinic setup, provides a lower initial setup cost.

If you decide to change to a local server, this can be easily done in the future.

If you need help securing your network or any further advice please reach out to us. We provide IT Support in Brisbane, IT Support  on the Sunshine Coast, as well as Medical IT Support.